‘Moon Knight’ Shot in the Same Deserts as ‘Lawrence of Arabia’

moon knight desert

Moon Knight will be Marvel Studios’ first venture into Egyptian mythology with the introduction of its titular hero and Khonshu. While the studio has been known for using CG in the past to recreate mystical realms like in Shang-Chi, the production of the Disney+ series was able to travel the world such as shooting in locations such as Hungary and even the desert. In the latest press release, Ethan Hawke shared his enthusiasm for getting to shoot on location but also have a chance to be in the same desert where they filmed a cinematic classic.

There’s one that jumps to mind: getting to be on the deserts in Jordan and literally being on location where they shot “Lawrence of Arabia”.

Ethan Hawke

The actor also talked about working with green screens, which he highlights that it was “kind of fun acting” with them, especially with his background in theater acting.

I enjoyed all that, pretending something was there, pretending you’re on top of a pyramid, but then when you’re really in the desert, it’s so beautiful […]. I felt some kind of connection to the cinema history of the desert. And the people there in Jordan treated us so well, and it elevated our collective imagination, I think, and it broadened the scope of the show. 

It must’ve been quite the experience to shoot on location where a classic film was once produced must be a crazy feeling. The best part is hearing that Hawke enjoyed his time working on this big-budget project and hopefully his character might have a bigger future after the Disney+ series wraps its six episodes. We’ll see if the seires might even make some callbacks to that film in the process.

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