‘Morbius’ Eyeing a Longer Runtime Than ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’

morbius runtime

Sony is currently on a roll after the success of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home. They aren’t taking a break though, as their Marvel expansion is about to release in January with the Jared Leto-led project Morbius. He’ll tackle the role of the Living Vampire and it seems that the film might be eyeing the usual length of other films, as the website of Cinemark has included its runtime at around one hour and 48 minutes. It’s longer than the previously released Venom sequel, which was quite a surprisingly short entry as other superhero films continue to increase their runtimes.

No one expects an Avengers: Endgame runtime from a film about a man turning into a vampire, but there’s quite a bit of lore and character work that can pad it out. We’ll see how the film shapes, as we near its release in the new year, as most discussions focus on the confusing connection it has to Spider-Man. Each trailer adds more and more elements from across the multiverse, which adds some uncertainty if this is now part of Tom Holland‘s MCU run, or potentially a separate project.

No Way Home confirmed Venom isn’t part of that universe due to the post-credit sequence. So, him pretending to be the symbiote would indicate he’s from that same universe. So, the inclusion of Michael Keaton‘s Vulture adds to the confusion. Here’s hoping that the next trailer might offer a clearer picture and they were pulling our leg to add some discussion for the multiversal storyline that just recently passed the $1 billion mark.

Source: Cinemark via The Direct

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