More BTS Photos from ‘Captain America 4’ Tease New Setting, More Serpents

With principal photography on Captain America: New World Order having shifted out of the studio this past week, photographer Christopher Oquendo has staked out the Brown Airport location of the production and shared several rounds of excellent behind-the-scenes material. The photographer’s latest shots have unveiled not only a new setting for the film but also some more members of the villainous Serpent Society.

It turns out the Serpent Society has its own private jet, complete with some gold and green accents that look like they match the costumes worn by WWE Superstar Seth Rollins and an as-yet unidentified co-star from a prior batch of set photos. While set photos never provide much context, it seems safe to say that the Serpents have used their private jet to make their way to Cancun, where their fight with Captain America and Falcon is likely to take place.

In addition to revealing a new setting for the fourth entry in the Captain America franchise, the most recent set photos also provide a shadowy look at another member of the Serpent Society. It’s expected that there will be five of them in the film (Asp, Bushmaster, Cobra, Constrictor and Diamondback), and, at the moment, it’s still unclear which one of those Serpents will be played by Rollins; however, the photographer–who may be working with some additional information–teased that the shadowy member of the team might be its leader, King Cobra.

It’s not clear what role the Serpent Society plays in the film just yet but given the amount of time spent on the production on this particular set of scenes, it’s safe to say they at least have a fairly large role in the film and will occupy quite a bit of Captain America and The Falcon’s time! Captain America: New World Order is currently slated for a May 3rd, 2024 release.

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