More ‘Ms. Marvel’ Promo Art Teases Her Iconic Line from the Comics

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It looks like more Ms. Marvel promo art is finding its way online. The last time we shared it, we noticed it offered the best look yet at Red Dagger. Most of it just highlighted Iman Vellani in her Ms. Marvel costume, which ironically is our best close-up of her design. Yet, @MsMarvelUK has shared a few more with one standing out for including an iconic line that she’s said in the comics and even in Marvel’s Avengers game. The line became famous as the original comic storyline saw her say this as she made her own costume.

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There are two visuals highlighting the line which also keeps the fun design aesthetic they are seemingly going for with Ms. Marvel. The latest trailer drop also included this design aesthetic which made for a unique design to stick out from the rest, while highlighting her teenage fan mentality.

It does seem unlikely that she’ll say the line early on, but it seems clearer that they could use this as the emotional climax before she faces whatever threat that’ll make her life a living hell in the series. We surprisingly still know very little about who the enemies will end up being for her adventure, especially with the Inhuman elements seemingly removed. Yet, they may use this chance to slowly build up that part of the universe, especially with the upcoming appearance of Mutants as well. So, they might reinvent their mythology to avoid too many comparisons between the two. For now, it’s just speculation but we’ll know more once June rolls around.

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