More ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Marvel Legends Leaks Offers Closer Look at Christian Bale’s Gorr

thor love and thunder gorr

While we’re still waiting for any sign of life for the upcoming fourth entry of the Thor franchise titled Love and Thunder, merchandise dropped to offer our first look at the various additions to the franchise. We got our first look at Jane Foster’s transformation into Might Thor, and only a few hours ago the first look at Christian Bale‘s Gorr the God Butcher.

While the toy itself only offered a glimpse of a very different interpretation of the character, the side covers of the Marel Legend collection have also leaked with our breast look yet, as provided by @lovethundernews. The line also includes Star-Lord’s updated design and even Thor’s rock-inspired outfit that seemingly has the Nine Realms printed on the shirt.

There are some curious details with Gorr that stand out. He does have some seemingly scaly skin. So maybe we’ll see him transform throughout the film, as he becomes more and more inhuman as time goes on. His fingertips are also black, which could hint at some magic being involved with his ability. Who knows if it’s connected to Chaos magic as well.

We know the Venom symbiote now exists in the MCU, but it seems unlikely that he’d already created the All-Black blade based on a little being from a different dimension. Speculation is going to be quite interesting going forward, as we get more from the upcoming release, which is still eyeing a July release without a trailer having been released so far.

Source: Twitter via Facebook

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