‘Mortal Kombat’ Release Pushed Back To Give ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’s More Time In the Spotlight

mortal kombat release

Well, it seems that Warner Bros. wants to bank on their upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong release, as they’ve decided to postpone Mortal Kombat‘s release by a week. As Deadline points out, the latest entry in the Monsterverse has been garnering a lot of attention and Box Office buzz. So, it isn’t too surprising that the studio wants to cash in on the current revival of cinema and give tomorrow’s release some breathing room. Mortal Kombat also has been quite a success with its initial reveal, as it is the most viewed red band trailer at around 116M views. So, it seems they want to make sure both films get enough time to bank on their potential success.

As of now, Mortal Kombat will release on April 23rd. It’s the next film delay after Black Widow was pushed into July alongside many other Disney properties. Of course, the difference isn’t as bad and we can wait another week after it already got pushed back from its initial January release.

Godzilla vs. Kong is going to be a beast that has already reenergized the international Box Office. So, Warner Bros. is hoping to get their money back on both properties, which have had some amazing early buzz. Of course, they will still be available on HBO Max at the same time. If they can revive cinema and add to their subscriber count, they will probably be looking into adjusting their overall schedule to ensure that each film has enough breathing room moving forward.

Source: Deadline

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