Ms. Marvel Co-Creator Sana Amanat: Don’t Change Kamala in the Comics

Ms. Marvel co-creator dished her thoughts on Kamala’s comic book powers.

One of the most controversial decisions that was made by the creative team behind the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel was the decision to alter Kamala Khan’s power set. In the Marvel comics, Kamala had her latent Inhuman abilities activated after a Terrigen Bomb was dropped on Jersey City. Kamala developed polymorphic powers, allowing her to grow her limbs in any shape or size.

Considering the Inhumans do not exist in the 616-Marvel Cinematic Universe at the moment, the show decided to change the origins of Kamala’s powers to match up with Carol Danvers. That mystery is still being unraveled with two episodes left, but a cosmic connection to Captain Marvel is being established in Ms. Marvel.

The MCU Kamala still displays polymorphic powers, but she draws energy from the Noor Dimension and is able to create purple constructs that resemble crystals. While the decision was hotly debated when it was first announced, it seems to be paying off with fans and critics. But Kamala Khan co-creator Sana Amanat doesn’t think that the success of the show on Disney+ should lead to a change to the character in the comics. When asked about the idea in an interview with EW, Amanat had a strong response.

I hope not! I hope they stick to what they got. I think inherently, there’s a lot of similarities as it is just in terms of the ancestry in the comics. She comes from an alien, you know what I mean?

Sana Amanat

While more often than not the comics aren’t too heavily influenced by the event of the MCU, that hasn’t always been the case, with the Guardians of the Galaxy being one noteworthy (and sad) example. It’s good to see someone like Amanat, who has been in both worlds, be able to understand the balance-and the differences-between the two.

Source: EW

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