‘Ms. Marvel’ Creators on Choosing the Right Music to Reflect Kamala Khan’s Cultural Background

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Music is an important creative landmark that reflects our personalities and even cultures. So, it makes sense that Marvel Studios’ first Pakistani-American superhero has a soundtrack that reflects Ms. Marvel‘s own cultural heritage. As such, the upcoming film will include music that has a South Asian background, and head writer Bisha K. Ali got a chance to highlight how they chose the songs together with the character’s co-creator Sana Amanat.

The music is such an integral part of it. Honestly, I agree, it’s just a banger after banger on the soundtrack. Me and Sana had a back-and-forth, we had such a clear vision of what the songs should be.

Bisha K. Ali

Amanat goes on to highlight how they chose music from South Asia, especially highlighting bass-heavy and diaspora music, which also reflected what she heard throughout the years. Not only that but also curating a playlist ever since she was first asked to join the production.

There are so many great artists, I think South Asian music and South Asian diaspora music is probably some of the best music in the world and it’s such a great platform. The studio and Kevin [Feige] were so excited and gracious about hearing different kinds of music and celebrating that in the show. So, I have been curating a playlist since Kevin called me.

Sana Amanat

It’s great o also see that Kevin Feige and his team were excited for them including music that reflects the cultural heritage that’s highlighted in the series. We’ve seen it as well with Moon Knight, where specific key moments included Egyptian music highlighting director Mohamed Diab‘s cultural background and also reflecting the character’s complex connection to a literal Egyptian god.

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