‘Ms. Marvel’ Director Offers Insight on Episode 4’s Surprise Ending

ms marvel episode 4 ending

Ms. Marvel ended episode 4 on quite a cliffhanger. After being attacked by the Clandestine, Kamala Khan finds herself in another time. Not just at any time, but during the Partition when her great-grandmother was separated from her family like many others. It left us with many questions, such as if this was just another vision or if Kamala actually traveling through time. Well, director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy offered some insight into how they brought the sequence to life and talk about that twist ending.

You know, telling the story of The Partition comes with great responsibility. And I, in Episode 4 at the end, when she walks on the platform, I took hundreds of photographs from 1947. And I worked with the crew and the cast to recreate frames from real photographs. So when she walks onto that train, walks onto the platform, the conversation she’s hearing and the way people are being carried and the props, everything comes out of a real photograph.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

It definitely sounds like they put a lot of work into bringing this sequence faithfully to life, which makes sense given its historical importance for the generations that lived through it. Obaid-Chinoy also gave some insight into what Kamala’s role is in this sequence.

So that Kamala Khan is bearing witness to history. She’s not a superhero at that moment. She’s literally catching these frenetic conversations. And I think that when you make it personal when you make it about people leaving their homes, then anyone watching anywhere in the world would find a connection to it.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

There’s definitely something interesting about the fact that she’s not only hearing the stories but also witnessing their events. Once again, the Disney+ Marvel series is promising an emotional rollercoaster of a fifth episode though it’ll be interesting how it leads into the final episode and what the future has in store for the Clandestine. Ms. Marvel is shaping to be one of Marvel Studios’ strongest showings and it’ll be exciting to see how they wrap up the project.

Source: The Direct

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