‘Ms. Marvel’ Head Writer Had Bigger Plans for the Clandestines

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Ms. Marvel is definitely among the best of what Disney+ has to offer. Yet, it did fumble one aspect a bit and that was the main antagonists throughout the season, the Clandestines. We don’t get a lot of time with them and while early on their introductions are quite menacing, the resolution surrounding them was quite rushed and may have left some scratching their head.

Now, head writer Bisha K. Ali revealed that they originally had bigger plans for them, but due to COVID, they ended up losing out on some opportunities. As some might forget, we’re still in the middle of COVID with many restrictions still affecting productions worldwide. So, scheduling and availability are still an issue.

No. I would say that a lot is missing. There are, like, essays we’ve written about the Clandestines, the Noor dimension, the Red Daggers and about how it’s all connected to everything else. There are huge swathes of character arcs that for the purpose of being able to make this in the time that we had, with the situation that changed [due to] COVID — I think we miss out a lot on some of the parallels between the two different kinds of families. I think we’ve missed out a lot on some of the character development for the Clandestines. I wish I could have shown you more of what we had.

Bisha K. Ali

There were definitely some parallels hinted at with the family holding together, but sadly the six-episode format doesn’t really offer the time to explore it fully, which has been criticized by many as one of the Disney+ series’ flaws.

So that emotional climax was about two women, a different kind of mother and about Kamala representing her kind of family. And those two things completely smashing into each other. That moment was all about Kamala coming into her fight style, which is always defensive. She always talks people down first. Her goal is always, “Hey, how are you feeling? Can we resolve this without anyone getting hurt?” You see that again in the finale as well. So it was always built that way, that this event where the universe gets subsumed by another universe, that wouldn’t happen.

Bisha K. Ali

It definitely is a shame, and we’ll hopefully get more opportunities to explore the dimension Noor in the future. Many are hoping for the series to get a second season, which would allow her to further explore her connection to that dimension, and potentially wrap up where exactly the story is heading with Kamran. So, here’s hoping an announcement is just around the corner.

Source: Variety

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