‘Ms. Marvel’s Costume includes “Cultural Prints” to Reflect Kamala Khan’s Heritage

ms marvel costumee

Marvel Studios has been on a hot streak in creating some of the franchise’s best costumes as of late. Not only did they manage to translate Sam Wilson’s iconic Captain America costume into live-action but Moon Knight gave us one of the most interesting costumes that embrace the character’s Egyptian background. They are doing something similar with Ms. Marvel, as during the press conference Iman Vellani got to talk about the costume she wore while bringing the character to life.

Our wonderful costume designer Arjun Bhasin had incorporated so many beautiful cultural prints into the fabric and then we have the dupatta that’s kind of the scarf.

Iman Vellani

The co-creator of the original comic run, Sana Amanat also expanded upon what it was like adapting the costume from the comics while still somehow staying true to what came before, her heritage, and making sure it has a South Asian feel.

What was really fun about this was adapting the comic book design into something that felt like a super-suit, that felt very Marvel but also very authentic to what the comic did and her heritage. And also updating overall the whole design a little bit. If you look at the detailing there’s a lot of cool textures in it that Arjun incorporated that feel South Asian in a very subtle way.

Sana Amanat

She went on to highlight that this was one of the first costumes created “in-house” with Vellani highlighting that there were “lots of fittings” to make sure she can get the costume down, especially as they had to be careful with its dress design gets in the way with how she moves around. We can’t wait to see the costume in action and perhaps we’ll even see how she

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