‘Ms. Marvel’s Sound Mixer Teases a “Dynamic” New Direction in the Final Episodes

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Ms. Marvel has been quite the standout in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only does it offer a window into the life of Muslim-Americans with the touch that many have wanted from these kinds of stories, but also one of the visual standouts in the franchise. While the series may be the most down-to-earth for the franchise, Ms. Marvel‘s sound mixer Chris Giles teases the final episodes as “dynamic” in an interview with The Direct.

In the interview, he especially highlights how the later episodes will be “touching on things that a lot of Westerners may not even be aware” of and it may offer a culturally relevant backstory that we haven’t seen yet in the MCU.

The standout ones will be, somewhere in my mind, for me, will be later in the series. Because we start touching on things that a lot of Westerners may not even be aware of existing. Maybe if you follow the canon of Ms. Marvel and a few other things, you might be able to kind of piece it together and figure some of this out. But I’m fascinated that there are some stories that are going to be told through this medium. And it’s kind of to me, it’s backstories, it’s sort of things that help develop these characters.

Chris Giles

He also goes on to highlight how this new series format offers a way to further explore the origin stories of the characters and continues to tease that “some really, really cool things coming” our way in the Disney+ series.

Because, you know, Marvel gets critiqued a lot for, oh, there’s no character development, oh, it’s just flashing and banging and blowing things up, and this and that. Especially these episodic streaming projects, they’re able to flesh out a lot of backstories. So, whenever you do greet them on the big screen, you’re like, oh, I was able to read up on such and so, this is why they are at, you know, an adversary to this other person that I thought was a good person or bad guy, or whatever the case is. No, there are some really, really cool things coming.

Chris Giles

What stood out in the interview is that he also teases a “dynamic differently” direction as the backstory is further explored. The last episode already offered us a glimpse into a very surprising new direction with Ms. Marvel’s origin and we may get a better look as more puzzle pieces fall into place moving foward.

I can’t say. When they start building more of the backstory, it gets more dynamic differently than I think a lot of MCU things have typically. So, if nothing else, because it’s different. It stands out in my mind. I hope it translates to the audience because we can perceive it one way, because we’ve read the scripts we’ve been through the process. And we can applaud our ways all the way to release. But, until the audience sees it, you have no idea if it registers, or if it speaks to people. Mostly because the demographics that it serves are what speak to me the most. If nothing else, the more youthful audience.

Chris Giles

It definitely sounds like Ms. Marvel may continue to evolve and if it hits the landing, could find its place among the top of the Marvel Studios’ offerings on Disney+ so far. It has the most “weekly” feeling, unlike some of the other dramas that have a more “six-hour film” approach. So, it’s going to be exciting to see how the story comes together.

Source: The Direct

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