Namor Was Considered as a Member of ‘Doctor Strange 2’s Illuminati, But Marvel Studios “Has Other Plans for Him”

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There has been an ongoing wait for confirmation that Namor will make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s been months since the first rumors hit the web that he’ll play an antagonistic role in the upcoming Black Panther sequel, Wakanda Forever. Yet, while there still hasn’t been an official statement, it seems that he may have also almost made his debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as part of the multiverse’s Illuminati.

In an interview with Variety, the film’s writer Michael Waldron has revealed that they have considered including Namor in their line-up. He was a founding member in the comics, which makes him a fitting addition but it looks like the studio had “other plans” for the character anyway and that is why he wasn’t prioritized.

[We] talked about him, because he’s certainly an original member of the Illuminati. But I think Marvel has other plans for him in the MCU. And so he didn’t make his way in this particular movie.

Michael Waldron

He does highlight that Kevin Feige had a big part in even making the castings possible and bringing the team together, as they developed the idea.

That’s kind of a combination of us putting forth, “Well, what if we did this?” But also, Kevin’s as excited about this stuff as we are, so sometimes those ideas are coming from Kevin saying, “Well, what if we got so and so? I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna make the call!” So he’s as excited about all that stuff as any of us. It’s a big, geeky team effort to see what we can assemble for that team.

Michael Waldron

It’ll be interesting to see what my head our way and if the Illuminati even have a future beyond this film, especially given Strange’s encounter with them. Who knows if it also was meant to indirectly set up some elements moving forward but it does seem like a very self-contained element of the story to also poke fun at some of the fan requests of randomly adding characters. Still, the fact that we have further hints that Namor is going to appear somewhere else helps solidify his upcoming debut.

Source: Variety

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