‘Doctor Strange 2’s Writer Teases Wanda’s Fate After that Ending

doctor strange 2 wanda

It’s crazy to think that after all that time, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has finally been released in theaters. Wanda Maxmioff continued down a darker path since she got her hands on the Darkhold but still found it in herself to try and make up for her actions after a confrontation with Doctor Strange and America Chavez. As the film came to a close, she did one last heroic move to ensure that no one else would ever fall victim to the evil that lurks within the Darkhold.

Yet, it seemingly came at the cost of her life as the tower of worship came crumbling down upon her. We do briefly see a curious red flash that may indicate that she somehow made it out alive but nothing concrete. luckily, in an interview with Variety, Doctor Strange and Loki scribe Michael Waldron teased what her fate may have ended up being.

I think that’s up for interpretation. She made some kind of sacrificial act that destroyed the Darkhold in every universe, which is protecting Wanda in every universe from being seduced by the Darkhold. Whether she’s dead or not remains to be seen. I know what it’s like to love characters and to not want them to be gone and to hate when they do bad things. But that’s that’s part of the fun of watching stuff and getting swept up in it.

Michael Waldron

He definitely makes a good point about the joys of seeing these characters evolve. It does seem likely that Wanda will return in the future, but the question is where her character will be. We may be entering her final redemption arc as she uncovers the truth behind her past and perhaps uncovers a new layer to the Scarlet Witch that wasn’t kept within the Darkhold’s pages. There’s a lot of potential and it certainly seems like Elizabeth Olsen is on board if they are planning any future projects.

Source: Variety

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