Natalie Holt to Become First Woman Composer for Live-Action ‘Star Wars’ Project

Natalie Holt is headed to a galaxy far, far away.

Holt, who is coming off the first season of Marvel Studios’ Loki, is set to become the first woman to score a live-action Star Wars project thanks to Obi-Wan Kenobi. The news was revealed courtesy of Vanity Fair, with the outlet revealing Holt teamed with Star Wars icon, John Williams, on the score with William crafting a new theme for Ewan McGregor’s character. This is yet another huge title for Holt, who is also set to score Batgirlfor DC and Warner Bros. 

On getting to work with Williams with Obi-Wan, Holt noted her excitement. “Obviously, I’m just thrilled to be mentioned in the same breath as John Williams,” she said. “It’s been exciting and overwhelming at times, because I’m such a fan. I want to pay respect to the history of it, and do it justice as well.”

So, how did Holt come to work with Williams on the project? The story of Williams’ involvement is a fun one as it turns out Williams approached Lucasfilm president, Kathleen Kennedy about the series. Per Holt, Williams wanted to write a theme for Obi-Wan because it is the “only legacy character that he hadn’t done.” 

Holt makes it clear, however, that while Williams does craft the theme for Obi-Wan, she still brings her voice to the series. “There are elements to the show that are new and fresh, and I’ve been able to have my own interpretation with elements – that I can’t reveal. So, it’s been glorious, working with my hero and also bringing my own voice to the show.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi debuts on Disney+ on May 27th. The series stars Ewan McGregor as the titular character and sees Deborah Chow serve as the showrunner. The six-episode series will premiere with two episodes in May, before going on to release an episode a week leading to the finale.

Source: Vanity Fair.

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