Netflix Announces ‘Tiger King 2’ With a 2021 Release

tiger king 2

It looks like the world hasn’t had enough of Tiger King, as Netflix has announced that sequel to the original 2020 documentary. The real-life story of a man known as Joe Exotic and the bizarre happenings surrounding his time as the owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park (or G.W. Zoo for short). The documentary is eyeing a late 2021 release. The announcement was hidden in the video teasing Netflix as the “Home of True Crime.” There are no details where the focus will be on the upcoming continuation. It’ll likely continue exploring the original story and expanding what has happened since its initial release. Teaser footage already is hinting at some more insanity.

The upcoming continuation will kick off their new slate of real-life documentaries that include The Puppet Master, Hunting the Ultimate Conman, The Tinder Swindler, Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King, and Bad Vegan. Netflix has made a name for itself by exploring darker topics through a variety of documentaries. It’s great to see them continue building upon their success, but it does open up the question of a sequel to Tiger King was truly needed.

It was released just around the time the pandemic started, which gave it quite the boost in viewership yet the insanity also led to some real-world consequences. It makes you wonder what else they could explore within that story, as it would imply some more details have found their way into the world. We’ll get a clearer picture once the first full trailer for the sequel gets released.

Source: YouTube, The Hollywood Reporter

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