Netflix Orders Back-to-Back ‘Red Notice’ Sequels With Original Cast Returning

red notice sequels

At this point, it was only a question of time before Red Notice would get a sequel announcement, as it was one of the streaming services’ biggest releases. Yet, we did not expect them to not only order two sequels but also have them shoot back-to-back. They are also all-in with the original cast, as Dwanye Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds are returning to film the sequels. Director Marshall Thurber is also returning, as pre-production starts. They will take this year to prepare both sequels and potentially start production in early 2023.

So far, the only thing they started was the writing process, but they have plans to expand the trio to add more characters and develop into an Oceans Eleven-inspired ensemble project. It’s crazy to think how big the project has become after being part of a pitch package by Universal and Legendary back in 2018. Only Dwayne Johnson and director Thurber were attached to the project. Even with its sizeable budget, the film has garnered quite a bit of attention and it seems Netflix is ready to embrace their new money maker.

Source: Deadline

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