RUMOR: ‘Secret Invasion’ May Continue Production in the Halifax’s Piece Hall

secret invasion production

We’re still waiting for any sign when Marvel Studios’ next projects will release, but they are also actively working on a variety of projects that are still in the middle of production. Among them is Secret Invasion, which will explore a Skrull invasion and continue our time with Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn‘s Talos. We know very little about the project, but it seems that the local news site Halifax Courier may have noticed that the Piece Hall is shutting down for a week for a film under the project title Jambalaya.

As the site points out, this is the production title we’ve heard some time ago for the Disney+ series, and it seems they are going to film at the location from January 24th until January 31st. It has been in production since the fall of last year, but very little has found its way online. The site has pointed out that they’ve also closed off roads, which means there is a chance we get a look at some exterior shots.

Marvel Studios has gotten better at keeping a lid on some of their productions, as very little has found its way online from the sets of their recent releases. We haven’t heard much on Secret Invasion, which is probably the one project that will try to keep most of its twists and turns a secret due to the nature of its story. It wouldn’t be too surprised if they film multiple endings to also catch people off-guard in case there are leaks.

Source: Halifax Courier, DisInsider

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