Netflix Working on ‘Black Mirror’ Season 6

black mirror season 6

It looks like Black Mirror will make a comeback after a three-year hiatus. The dystopian series made its last premiere with SEason 5 back in June of 2019, but the anthology series may be making a comeback. Variety has just reported that work may be underway on the sixth season, which will consist of even more episodes than the previous one. Season 5 surprised many when it mainly consisted of three episodes but had quite the talent to back it up.

It seems Black Mirror is trying to treat each episode as its own film with a”more cinematic in scoop” approach. That was one of the reasons we got fewer episodes but they started to go beyond just the 60-minute mark with high production values. It’s unclear who is currently working on the project as its creator, Charlie Brooker alongside creative partner Annabel Jones left the production company House of Tomorrow in 2020. They’ve since set up a new production banner, Broke and Bones, while the rights to Black Mirror remained with House of Tomorrow.

Brooker was unclear if there would even be a future for the series, as he wanted to move away from the more depressing outlook the series provided, especially given the current situations. It’s still crazy to think that the dystopian series initially started on Channel 4 before becoming a worldwide phenomenon under the Netflix umbrella, which then led to it adding big-name actors like Miley Cyrus, Topher Grace, Anthony Mackie, and more. We’ll see what the sixth season might have to offer without its original creative team.

Source: Variety

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