Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Screen Testing Rumors Have Been Debunked

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The internet is no stranger to creating an onset of concern for upcoming projects. Especially when it comes to live-action adaptations of anything. Marvel has been a main source of constant leaks and scoops popping up left and right without much knowledge what could truly be taken seriously or not. Now, it has even reached Netflix’s One Piece adaptation.

Some time ago a Twitter user by the name of Divinity Seeker has made bold claims that test screenings weren’t looking good for the adaptation but also included contradictory statements like Taz Skyler’s roots showing with his blonde hair even though he bleached his hair and wears a blond wig as shown in the official poster.

While the “scooper” has been debunked by James Gunn and even others that dabble, it hasn’t stopped the Internet of spreading the unreliable information. Yet, now more information has surfaced to shoot down the claims surrounding the test screenings.

Greg Werner took to his Twitter account to debunk the claims, as he is someone that frequently collaborates with Shueisha and the One Piece brand.

He’s not the only one as content creator Rogersbase has also taken to his account to denounce the claims shared by Comic Book Resources. It is noteworthy that he has already visited the Netflix series’ set and has close ties to showrunner Matt Owens.

So, it seems that the test screening rumors have quickly been debunked and fans excited for the adaptation can breathe a little easier moving forward as we anticipate news on Geeked Week’s return with hopefully the first look at the series.

Source:, Twitter

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