Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Seemingly Filming Again in South Africa

one piece reshoots

Sadly, there’s still no exact release date or footage of Netflix’s attempt at bringing One Piece into live-action but a post from Craig Fairbrass may have hinted that they are filming in South Africa again. For those getting worried, touch-ups or reshoots aren’t uncommon for modern productions and are just a way to take in feedback to make sure the final product is as great as it can be.

Fairbrass, who plays the owner of the Baratie Zeff, took to Twitter to announce that he is on his way home. He confirms that he was back in Cape Town to film, but doesn’t give away how long he worked on the project. He also has his blond hair again which might be for his role. What stands out, however, is that this is seemingly his third trip there but in a past tweet, he revealed he had to leave for some time due to a COVID case on set.

It’s unclear if they wrapped the reshoots with him involved but there’s a chance they might still be filming. Whatever their production time window looks like, it certainly is a sign that the project is closing in on its final version, and with Geeked Week a few months away, we might be nearing some more teases of the project.

Source: Twitter

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