New ‘Beavis and Butt-head’ Revival Series Heading to Paramount+, Movie to Arrive this July

beavis and butthead paramount plus

Previously announced Beavis and Butt-Head renewal is headed to Paramount+. The show was originally supposed to air on Comedy Central, but as the streaming wars ramp up, it looks like Paramount is choosing to keep it as an exclusive to subscribers. The show is currently ordered for a 9 episode return. Along with the show, a new movie is in the works and will debut this July. The new episodes are set to follow, although an exact release date is still unknown.

The return of the classic franchise is definitely going to put a smile on a generation’s face. It’s cute that the logo still includes MTV. The design we’ve seen some time ago, but it’s still jarring to see aged-up versions of these iconic characters. It’ll be interesting to see just how meta the project might end up being, especially with how South Park approached it with its Post-Covid films.

Source: Twitter

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