New ‘Black Adam’ Merch Offers First Look at a New Costume

black adam merch

Just a few weeks ago, the state of the DC Extended Universe saw quite another shake-up with multiple films on the slate being delayed and moved up. Black Adam was one of those films, with its July debut getting hit with a three-month delay so that VFX could be properly completed. We’ve seen very little from the film so far, but it looks like some merchandise for the film has begun to trickle out.

Every year Hallmark releases a catalog of all upcoming holiday ornaments with tentative release dates, usually featuring decorative items from the year’s biggest movies and shows. Some pages from this year seem to have made their way online, featuring a brand new look at Black Adam in what seems to be an updated suit from what we have previously seen. The suit, while similar to the one featured a few weeks back, is updated with golden boots, bracers, and a belt, a much more vibrant and even closer to accurate look for the character. The ornament will hit shelves in November, just a few weeks after the film’s release.

The suit previously seen was much dirtier and looked to have wear and tear over the years Adam presumably spent imprisoned. It’ll be interesting to see how the suit changes over the course of the film, from ancient Kahndaq to the modern-day. Fans are gonna have to wait just a little longer to witness the hierarchy of power within the DC Universe change as Black Adam is now set to hit theaters on October 21st, 2022.

Source: Hallmark via Twitter

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