New ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Banner Offers New Look at America Chavez, Wanda, And More

doctor strange multiverse of madness wanda

We sadly still have to wait a bit until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness releases in theaters, but that isn’t stopping Marvel Studios from preparing their marketing material. They offer a look at what’s to come in the new film. Most of the material we’ve seen so far from the Doctor Strange sequel have been teases of the main cast and what may be their main threat, Shuma-Gorath with the new name Gargantos. It looks like a new banner has found its way online that offers a new look at the film’s cast, such as a new look at Wanda Maximoff, Wong, Doctor Strange, and America Chavez, as shared by @feiticeiraescbr.

It’s curious we’re seeing so much of America Chavez in the promotion material, but she was barely used in the film’s initial trailer. There’s a good chance she might get a stronger focus once the next one arrives, but their marketing team is certainly focusing a lot on her. While the second image is familiar – especially for comic fans – the first banner offers a clue on her abilities, which was even teased in the initial trailer with Defender Strange floating as a star-shaped energy field was behind him. It’ll be interesting to see if she and even Gargantos might get a stronger focus in the sequel.

Source: Twitter

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