‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Passes ‘Scream’ to Take Top Spot at the Domestic Box Office Again

Last weekend, it seemed like Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s hold on the international box office had come to an end, as the newly released Scream took over the top spot from the film in the domestic market. It didn’t take long for the box office juggernaut to once again return to the top, as it’s on its way to end the weekend with $13.5M while the horror film dropped by 61% to make $11.7M over its second weekend. The drop isn’t bad, as it’s on par with previous entries and is still one of the better second weekends for the franchise.

As of now, No Way Home stands as the 4th highest domestic release with $720.4M by the end of the weekend. It’ll require another $40.1M to pass Avatar at the box office, which is a bit uncertain as of now, but the film has proven to have quite a bit of staying power, especially with it taking back the top spot again. Yet, it was still a frontloaded release, which isn’t too uncommon for Marvel films.

The thing working against it is also that the box office is currently a bit dead until the next major releases in February with two very different entries, Roland Emmerich‘s next world-ending film Moonfall and the return of a childhood classic prankster group in Jackass Forever. So, we’ll see if it gives the box office a jolt, but it seems more likely that we won#t see another strong performance until The Batman releases in March, whose 3-hour runtime raises some interesting predictions given the character’s box office draw and how longer films still managed to become box office darlings.

Source: Deadline

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