New ‘Eternals’ Merch Hints at Black Knight’s Legacy

eternals black knight

There are still many mysteries surrounding the upcoming Eternals film. We have no idea how it will build upon the franchise and what exactly it may hold for its future. Yet, the biggest question mark surrounds the curious case of one Dane Whitman. Kit Harington will bring the classic Marvel character known as Black Knight to life in the film. A recent new merch leak may have hinted there’s more to his character.

In the comics, the various version of the Black Knight has a Raven-inspired emblem on their chest. A recent reveal of an accessory box to tie in with the film’s release includes items replicated from the film. Among them is a ring featuring the previously-mentioned Raven symbol. It may imply that Whitman is part of a long line that held the title of Black Knight. A close look at the ring was shared by @BestofKitH on Twitter.

He’s known for wielding the Ebony Blade in the comics, but the trailers seem to hint at him being a normal man wrapped up in the life of the Eternals in the modern-day. So, there’s a chance that it is passed on from generation to generation. Perhaps an ancestor crossed paths with the Eternals and he was doomed to repeat it. They wouldn’t cast someone like Harington just to have a bit role. So, Marvel Studios definitely has plans for the actor moving forward. It also would be interesting to have him wield a sword alongside the Avengers.

Source: Twitter, GameStop

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