‘Midnight Suns’ Care Package May Tease ‘Shang-Chi’ Villain Dweller-in-Darkness

midnight suns villain

Marvel Games has been quite busy expanding its gaming repertoire. Guardians of the Galaxy will soon release and they are already busy promoting their supernatural-based Midnight Suns. The tactical RPG will explore a group of unlikely heroes from various corners of the Marvel universe alongside a new character known as “Hunter” that is the child of the Mother of All Demons, Lilith. It looks like she might not be the mastermind though as a new care package for Midnight Suns reveals another classic Marvel villain.

Twitter user @CabooseEK shared a package they received from 2K that features various metal cards of the titular heroes. It does reveal that two more additions are going to arrive in the future. The thing that stands out is that they also noticed a rather curious detail on the back cover of these cards. When connected correctly, they unveil an ominous visual with a Cthulu-like creature. There’s a chance that this might’ve unveiled that the Dweller-in-Darkness will appear in the game. Yes, the same one that appeared in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, but with a much closer design to his comic origins.

The main reason it seems likely it is Dweller-in-Darkness is his overall design and reference to “Darkness Falls” as a tagline. In the comics, unlike his recent Shang-Chi appearance, he’s a bipedal being with the head of Cthulu. There’s also the chance the character is an amalgam that is inspired by another Lovecraft-inspired character known as Cthon. He has a strong connection to the Darkhold, as he is the one that created it. His design in the comics has changed through the years, but he has had some Lovecraftian elements at times. No matter who it turns out to be, it’s a clever way to tease the larger mythology of this game and the threat this unlikely group will have to face.

Source: Twitter

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