New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Set Photos May Tease Rocket’s Halfworld

guardians of the galaxy 3 rocket

Not too long ago, we covered a few set photos from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 that seemingly gave us our first look at some comic-accurate costumes for the Guardians. At the time, it gave us a good look at Star-Lord and Nebula. Now, a new batch of set photos has found its way online from JustJared. While they don’t include any other Guardian members, it does give us a good look at the planet they are on, which looks a lot like Earth. Yet, the characters running around are seemingly humanoid and animal hybrids. Could this potentially be a new interpretation of Rocket Raccoon’s home planet Halfworld?

As these images are provided by JustJared, we cannot share them but they can be checked out by clicking here.

In the images, we get a good look at characters that look like they have attributes of a bat, a boar, a cat, and more. They are all very humanoid with some animal attributes. So, it doesn’t look like they are normal-sized unlike Rocket, who is mostly a raccoon with some improvements. Yet, the clothing seems quite outdated, which makes you wonder if perhaps this is a planet where another evolution echoed that of Earth but got stuck in another timeline.

Perhaps Halfworld is the playground for the High Evolutionary, who was from Earth. With his time in space, he may have wanted to return to an era when he last saw his home and while creating the various creatures that roam this planet, ended up also replicating something that is similar to Earth. Rocket may have been part of earlier experiments and these are the most advanced results of the Evolutionary research. It would be a fun way of playing with the Guardians and the audience. For now, it’s just speculation but it does look like we’ll get a very unique interpretation if this is indeed Halfworld.

Source: JustJared

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