New ‘Ironheart’ Set Photos Offer First Look at Her New Armor

ironheart set

It looks like we’re getting some set photos from the upcoming Ironheart series. While not much is known about the Disney+ project, and how it’ll tie into her appearance in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever but it looks like we’re definitely getting an armor. The surprising reveal is the fact that it’s not as lean as we know it from the comics and even seems to be a different take on an earlier design, especially with how bulky it is.

Perhaps it’s an evolution of the one that was teased in the Black Panther trailer and even merchandise.The set photos shared by @ironhnews not only show Dominique Thorne in a part practical and part CG suit but also the armor in its full detail.

The fact that they didn’t skip to her final design from the comics makes this stand out quite a bit. It’s a very bulky design and likely one of her earlier models. Here’s hoping we get to see it evolve throughout the series run, especially as she starts to embrace her own design that’ll make it stand out. With The Hood now finally confirmed as part of the series, it does open up many more questions on how the story will tie together and if perhaps her armor may be one of the catalysts leading into Armor Wars.

Source: Twitter

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