New ‘Ironheart’ Set Photos Offer First Look at Anthony Ramos as The Hood

ironheart set photos

It’s been highly speculated for a while that Anthony Ramos will be playing the villain The Hood in the upcoming Disney+ series, Ironheart. There never was an official statement in regards to his role besides Ramos being teased as a big part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future.

With it being such a big deal, it’s quite surprising to see that @CosmicMMedia has shared a first look at the actor in the iconic hood on the set of Ironheart. It definitely looks to be quite close to what we saw in the comics, which may get some CG additions to make it feel a bit more alive but it’s definitely an interesting design. He even has his handguns, which were his go-to weapon even with the magical item around his neck.

If he does have a bigger role moving forward, it’s going to be quite iinteresting to seee what exactly entails. perhaps there’s something about the item around his neck that may even tie to the overarching mystery of powerful artifacts. Perhaps these are items necessary to take down Kang the Conqueror and he may have a minor but significant role throughout.

He’d also make for a great recurring villain on the street-level corner of the MCU. Him working alongside Kingpin to take over New York City in Daredevil: Born Again could make for a unique challenge. Here’s hoping that the wait for an official look isn’t too far away, especially with how her design evolves from her cinematic premiere going into the TV series.

Source: Twitter

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