New ‘James Bond: No Time To Die’ Trailer Teases Rami Malek’s Villainous Safin

Many films have been delayed this year, way too many to count. Among them was the hotly anticipated return of Daniel Craig as 007. It is tough to imagine that the last trailer was released last year in December. Crazy to think the film was originally going to release back in April. Now we finally got a brand new trailer. After a long hiatus, we get a closer look at what we can expect for James Bond: No Time to Die. The latest trailer teases quite a bit. We get a lot more of this film’s villain played by Rami Malek.

This trailer certainly is promising a lot more action and stunts. We get some amazing shots of Ana de Armas taking down some bad guys. Lashana Lynch was a great choice as a younger 00 agent that competes with Bond. Once again we are only getting a glimpse at the plot that may unfold once Bond’s returns into action. The most interesting aspect is that this trailer puts more focus on Malek‘s Safin. There are quite a few theories that he may actually be playing a new version of Dr. No. Joseph Wiseman portrayed the character in the first film adaptation of the franchise back in 1962. Also, this isn’t the first time the modern interpretations renamed these iconic characters. Christoph Waltz‘ was given the name Franz Oberhauser before revealing that he was, in fact, Blofeld all along. It will be interesting to see which direction they may head with his character. He already gives a chilling performance in the trailers alone.

Source: YouTube

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