New Look at Henry Cavill Released as ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Wraps Up Production

the witcher season 2

Netflix has been continuing to expand its repertoire with various franchises. One of its stand-outs was The Witcher, which saw Henry Cavill take on Gerald of Rivia. The franchise is an adaptation of the Polish novels by Andrzej Sapowksi. Of course, there is also CD Projekt Red’s very popular gaming franchise. The Netflix series takes inspiration from both properties but tries to maintain a unique identity to stand out. They are celebrating the production end for the second season. As such, the official Twitter channel released a new image with a closer look at the White Wolf.


Now, Netflix went out of its way to also celebrate the production’s ending with a new video that showcases how large the production was and how they stayed safe.



In the video, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich confirms that they are adapting the storyline of The Blood of Elves in the upcoming season. They also went all out with this production. They confirm 15 locations with a whopping 89 cast members. The production team shot 184 days, which is significant if you consider that they also faced delays due to the ongoing pandemic. It couldn’t have been easy to keep everything safe with such a large ensemble cast while making sure no one gets infected. The details on the upcoming season are still kept under wraps.

Source: Twitter, YouTube

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