New Look at Live-Action ‘One Piece’s Marines Leaks Online

one piece marines

One of the first things we got to see from the set of Netflix’s live-action One Piece series was the various boats they were building. That wasn’t all at the time, as we also got a first look at what the live-action adaptation of the Marines will look like. Surprisingly, they even included some goofier traits from the comics like their baseball caps.

Now, after the production has long ceased and is pretty much wrapping up its post-production, a new image has seemingly leaked online courtesy of @OP_Netflix_Fan showcasing a fresh look at One Piece’s band of government watchdogs. Sadly, we still have no look at what Garp will look like in his iconic outfit, but the designs still look like they were taken directly from the manga.

What sticks out is that we have a better look at their swords. Surprisingly though, it doesn’t seem like they have any guns on them, but this might be from the same scene we saw leak all the way back in February of 2022. Given that there’s a big number and the uniforms seem quite similar in design, they might be the ones we meet that are forced to work under Axe Hand Morgan’s rule.

Though, they could also be positioned on Loguetown and report to Smoker, who surprisingly still hasn’t been cast so far. It almost seems like they are still keeping some castings quite close to the chest even with the series potentially only a few months out. For now, we have to see if it’ll be part of a final push towards the series’ release date promotion.

Source: Twitter

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