New ‘Madame Web’ Set Photos Offer Closer Look at Dakota Johnson

madame web set photo

Madame Web is quite the weeb of mysteries. Not only is Sony’s general direction with its Spider-Man franchise sans Spider-Man heading in a questionable direction, but it also seemingly is trying to set up something. Morbius‘ post-credit sequence hinted at some kind of team-up but even forcefully pulled Michael Keaton‘s Vulture into the multiverse to do so. Now, we also have a story focused on a primarily minor supporting character that weaved throughout the Spider-Verse.

While we still question just how this project is going to come together but the casting of Dakota Johnson in the titular role is something to be excited about. We had a glimpse of set photos hinting at an early 2000s version of the story but the latest set photo offers our closest look yet at her in costume. Well, she’s wearing a red jacket over some regular clothing but it’s at least something to talk about.

There have been hints that this story might actually be something very different from what we’re expecting; that is hard to define, to begin with. Given her connection to the multiverse, it may potentially be an element that will lead to the recently announced Avengers: Secret Wars. There have been slight hints at a connection to Marvel Studios, but with Kevin Feige mostly having a supporting role over at Sony by consulting on projects, it’s unclear if that may have caused some confusion. Yet, there’s potential with this project and we’ll see if future looks behind the scenes make it clearer what exactly is heading our way.

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