New Marine Set Photo Surfaces from Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Series

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Netflix’s One Piece series recently gave us a massive update from the manga creator, Eiichiro Oda. Not only did he confirm the eight-episode count but also went out of his way to highlight his involvement with the project being more than just giving away the rights. He has the final say on when the project releases and while we’re still waiting, some small details keep finding their way online to keep us well-fed until the next official batch drops.

It looks like yesterday’s drop wasn’t everything, as a new set photo has found its way online through @OP_Netflix_Fan. This time around, we get a good look at the cadets that work on the various Marine ships. What stands out is that they have shorter sleeves, which is a bit more reminiscent of one of the designs the Marines have in the One Piece manga. It’s unclear if they purposefully are only giving the cadets shorter sleeves as a way to make an easier distinction of what rank each Marine has.

It’s great to see more of the Marines, as this is our first real look at them on a ship. There’s a chance this might be part of Garp’s ship that was teased in some of the earlier set leaks. Though, this could also just be a regular Marine ship which is also quite prominent throughout the manga’s long tenure. We can only speculate for now, but it’s great to know that the Marines will have different layers and this might be our first tease at what two prominent characters from the East Blue Saga will be wearing, especially with the tease that they will integrate elements from the saga’s Cover Story.

Source: Twitter

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