New ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ War Table Offers Closer Look at Upcoming Raid, Spider-Man’s Abilities and New Skins

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Tomorrow is the day that we finally get Spider-Man joining the ongoing Marvel’s Avengers experience. He was one of the earliest teases ahead of the game’s release. While the game gave us various updates including both Hawkeyes and Black Panther, we’re so close to his release. To tie us over, we got a brand new War Table video that not only showed off his abilities in more detail but also a closer look at the game’s first raid “Discordand Sound.”

The raid looks quite impressive with many new elements to add some unique challenges. Also, we get to fight the giant version of Klaue and I am quite excited to tackle this with a group of friends. Of course, it seems unlikely we’ll play as Spider-Man through the raid early on, as he needs to get leveled up accordingly but he’ll give us a good feeling for how the new gear system works.

Generally, the gameplay is quite a step up from what we got from IGN. My favorite is still the wrecking ball, as it reminds me of some of his gaming history moves. The new suits were also teased with one seemingly inspired by Anti-Venom and another of his classic suit as armor. It’s another exciting update and I cannot wait to test out the new character alongside the most challenging piece of content yet.

Source: YouTube

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