New ‘Multiverse of Madness’ Concept Art Teases More Doctor Strange Variants

doctor strange variants

Concept art of Marvel Studios’ films gives us a good glimpse at the various ideas they had during the ongoing production. Artist Karla Ortiz took to Twitter to share a piece of artwork that highlights an early production visual to help “build hype and potentially inform new looks” of the many Variants of Doctor Strange. While the film would go on to feature different versions of Strange, we never actually get to see them fight together which is highlighted in this visual. .

It also looks like they have gone through “MANY” variations of Strange. They’ve used the character’s core red-and-blue color scheme to give each variation a unique design. It makes you wonder if we’ll ever see the other versions that didn’t make it into the film. Multiverse of Madness made the most out of its concept in a comic world but didn’t make it a focus to just run through countless versions of characters we know, which highlighted some impressive restrained by the creators.

We’ll see if more concept art makes its way online in the future, but it’s great to always get a look behind the scenes. It’s interesting that they’ve mapped out concept art for multiple Doctor Strange variants that didn’t find their way into the film. Of course, there’s always the chance they originally intended to have more versions make their way into the film before the pulled back to ensure it fits the overarching narrative.

Source: Twitter

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