UPDATE: NO New, Potentially Spoilery ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer Coming Soon

A new trailer IS on the way. What is Sony going to show? I think we all know the answer

Update: a message from the BBFC indicated there will be no new trailer:

A listing by the British Board of Film Classification confirms that Sony has cut a third trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home. The premiere of the film is set to take place on December 13th and is already poised for a senses-shattering opening weekend at the box office, with an expected domestic take of over $250M.

Sony has already pushed out two trailers for the film, with the most recent one fully revealing the film’s villains and the narrative around how they make the jump to the MCU from their own universes. While that trailer heavily featured Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock and Jaime Foxx’s Electro, it certainly held back on confirming the biggest rumor about the film: the return of Spider-Men past, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

While everyone with an ounce of common sense knows the two will be in the film (plot leaks, leaked photos, leaked videos and, most recently, a leaked soundtrack all confirm it), Sony has generated a ton of social media buzz for the film by withholding them to this point. With the second trailer having been such a hit among fans, what would Sony have left to put in a third trailer for a film that’s already on pace to be among the highest grossing films of all time?

Releasing a third, spoiler-heavy trailer just a few days ahead of the film’s release would be a curious move for a normal studio, but par for the course for Sony. An argument could conceivably be made that revealing Maguire and Garfield could drive more fans to the theaters, but pretty much every theater across the country is sold out for opening night, if not opening weekend. A confirmation of Charlie Cox’s role in the film, something Kevin Feige made possible by confirming that the actor would be playing Matt Murdock/Daredevil in the MCU moving forward, while still spoilery might be a little more reasonable. We’ll all find out together.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters next week!

Source: BBFC

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