‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Eyeing $250M+ Domestic Opening Weekend

spiderman no way home box office

Currently, Spider-Man: No Way Home is beating all expectations. Even while some are cautious about the new Omnicom variant, its box office performance has been nothing but stellar. Its pre-sales were on par or slightly behind 2019’s Avengers: Endgame in key markets. Even without a China release, the film is pretty much on route to beat any release since the pandemic started and even rivals those of 2019. With 10 more days until release, the numbers are looking better than ever.

Charlie Jatinder, who has been a reliable source for box office insight, shared that the film has already sold around $60M in pre-sales tickets in its domestic market. As such, while including $40M for its opening day, it would set the film on opening at around $200M or even $240M over the weekend. With international developments, the film might even manage a $500M opening worldwide.

These numbers also match with Box Office pro’s prediction that has given the film a higher fluctuation rate in its release, as they believe it could even go up to $250M. We’ve seen a few films break even their best predictions while some also barely scratched it. In these uncertain times, it’s a bit hard to define, but with some strong momentum, it could even manage upwards of $690M in its worldwide release. We’ll see how its critical reception and word-of-mouth strengthen those numbers moving forward.

Source: Twitter, Box Office Pro

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