RUMOR: Episode 5 of ‘Hawkeye’ Will Set Social Media Abuzz

It looks like Episode 5 of Hawkeye is set to pull back the curtain on the man in charge of NYC’s organized crime

While Episode 3 of Hawkeye, “Echoes”, let the proverbial cat out of the bag regarding the identity of the head of organized crime in New York City. The episode revealed that Maya Lopez’s “Uncle”, her father’s best friend, is the Kingpin of crime. What it didn’t QUITE explicitly reveal is the identity of the actor in the role of Wilson Fisk (though to fans of Vincent D’Onofrio’s work, it was incredibly clear). According to a new rumor, however, it looks like we might get that confirmation in next week’s 5th episode.

In his weekly “Inside Line” column, TV Line insider Matt Mitovich fielded a question about Hawkeye. In response, Mitovich mentioned that he heard the episode would “blow up Twitter a bit.” While it’s obviously not a direct response, anyone pretending that Mitovich isn’t referring to not only the revelation of D’Onofrio returning to the role but also setting up the character as a major player in the MCU is simply looking to be contrarian.

Ever since Charlie Cox was reported to be reprising his role at Matt Murdock, a report that was confirmed yesterday by Kevin Feige, fans of the Netflix series Daredevil were waiting for D’Onofrio to join him in making the jump to the MCU. Now, Hawkeye has brought D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk into the Sacred Timeline and it’s highly unlikely it was just for a cameo; it’s much more likely that this is just the beginning of this chapter of Fisk’s story.

Source: TV Line

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