New ‘Scream 6’ Set Photos Offer First Look at Courteney Cox

scream 6 set photos

It was back in March when we learned that the Scream reboot is not only getting a sequel in 2023 but also that Courteney Cox is making her return to the horror franchise again. Wasn’t too surprising given that the Spyglass Media film pulled in $140M on a tiny budget and directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett were eager to tackle another entry. Early June, we got some set photos teasing that the sequel will take place in New York City, which is quite the departure from their usual home of Woodsboro, California. Now, a few new set photos have found their way online and they offer our first look at Courteney Cox‘s return. Twitter user @morebuttertv took to their account to share two new images offering a first look at the former Friends star on set.

We still know very little about the production and how Cox‘s return will tie into the story. The next entry and return of Ghostface will be quite the departure from the previous entries, especially with Neve Campbell no longer involved with the sequel. The franchise built up an ensemble cast over the years, surprisingly if you consider it’s a slasher film, and there are many questions about how they may potentially build upon how the previous reboot ended.

There’s also the curious question of how they’ll title it. Technically it is Scream 6 but the fifth entry was simply revealed as “Scream.” Now, they could take The Fast Saga route and just get creative with the name, or potentially they’ll go with a simple route by just tilting it Scream 2. Whatever it may end up being, we’re lucky to see this classic franchise make its return.

Source: Twitter

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