New ‘She-Hulk’ Concept Art Reveals a Scrapped Comic-Accurate Skaar Design

she hulk skaar

She-Hulk, Attorney at Law did a lot as a series, as it not only gave us Marvel Studios’ first venture into sitcom territory but also added some interesting new elements to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. of course, all eyes have been on the addition of Daredevil finally making his return to the franchise, it also gave us some heartfelt moments with Jennifer Walters’ cousin, the Hulk himself.

The biggest reveal came at the very end of the series when Hulk introduced everyone to his son, Skaar. His design has left many scratching their head, as it was quite a departure from the original that many spent time reading in the comics. Surprisingly, it seems that they had one version as revealed by concept artist and illustrator Constantine Sekeris on his ArtStation. It’s definitely closer to what we know from the comics, especially the long hair and sword.

His design in the series is definitely a departure from the comics and sadly it seems we might have to wait a bit longer before we get him to look a bit more like his comic counterpart. Still, there’s some excitement to see what they may have planned for a character like Skaar in the MCU. The franchise is expanding in new and curious ways, which adds to the potential of what he may look like once the character returns to a project later down the line.

Source: Art Station

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