New ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ Merch Offers First Look at Spider-Punk

spiderverse first look

With the delay of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse‘s releases, we’ve gotten quite a few hits or rather leaks through the various merchandise from the project. Not only did we get a first look at a Cyborg Spider-Woman but even Ben Reilly showed up in the upcoming animated sequel. Now, the tradition continues as the latest merchandise has offered a first look at Spider-Punk’s design. As shared by Twitter user @_Ben_Reilly, it looks like they’ll continue the tradition of each new Spidey member getting a unique design from their universe.

It does seem how these characters are lined-up that they’re also the new “team” for this film. It’s sad we might not see any of the others like Spiider-Man Noir or Spider-Pig potentially making a return, but there’s quite the chance we will. They also likely don’t want to reveal every character that has a role, as we’ve also not seen any sign of Peter B. Parker, who was a major player in the original release.

It is fun to see that they are continuing to play around with the animation medium, and Miles Morales’ Spider-Man venturing beyond his own reality gives them that perfect opportunity. Here’s hoping we get some very creative Spider-Verse surprises that make the experience stand out from the previous one, which already has quite the emotional story.

Source: Twitter

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