Ubisoft May Be Developing a ‘Blade’ Game for Marvel

blade game

There have been quite a few rumors about upcoming games making the rounds. While the only confirmed projects we know of are the Spider-Man sequel from Insomniac and even a new game from them based on Wolverine, it seems a few images may have hinted at the next major project. Edwin Gaffey has taken to his Instagram to share that he’s finished mo-cap work on a game. In it, you can clearly see that one of the clapperboards has “Marvel” on it.

Some sleuths have already made the connection that this is very likely a game based around Blade. The character is set to arrive in an upcoming game titled Midnight Sun, but this developer seems to be Ubisoft and not Firaxis. So, we might be getting a new game based around the vampire hunter at some point and with the upcoming Marvel/Disney gaming live-stream during D23 we could see this get an announcement.

It looks like Marvel has quite a few plans to expand in the gaming market. We’ve recently learned of a canceled Iron Man game from 2012 but they’ve recently been trying out more ideas. While some may not have enjoyed Marvel’s Avengers as much, there’s still something unique to the project, and offers something that we haven’t seen them do. For years, we had cheaply made tie-in games to movies with only a few exceptions actually standing out. Now, we have some strong story-based projects that offer unique and memorable experiences.

Source: Instagram, ComicBook.com

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