New ‘The Batman’ Promo Pays Tribute to ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

A new visual for ‘The Batman’ has found its way online paying tribute to ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ in the best way possible.
the batman promo

It looks like a new visual has found its way online promoting the upcoming adaptation of The Batman. Matt Reeves will tackle a new interpretation of the Caped Crusader with Robert Pattinson taking on the daunting task of playing the titular character. We just recently got a second trailer during this year’s DC FAnDome event, as we prepare for its release next March. To tie us over, it seems some promotional material has found its way online that pays tribute to one of the most beloved interpretations to the character, Batman: The Animated Series. The visual comes courtesy of Twitter user @DCverso1.

It’s hard to deny the visual similarity with Batman holding up his cape in a similar fashion to that of the original. The 90s animated series was the introduction for many to the character and revolutionized the way we looked at animated projects aimed at kids. Its exploration of adult themes with episodes like “Heart of Ice” or “Baby-Doll” made it stand out from its contemporaries. So, a tribute to the series isn’t too surprising.

The Batman has generally had a very different marketing push from the series that came before. While Christopher Nolan grounded the character in the real world, Matt Reeves seems to be taking a bite out of the different corners of the character’s history. So, instead of being tied to a specific interpretation, he can pay tribute to the many elements that defined the character over the years. Perhaps, we’ll get other visuals paying tribute to the various versions of Batman in the future.

Source: Twitter

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