New ‘THE BOYS’ Set Photo Reveals a Big Season 3 Spoiler

Ryan Butcher, the son of Homelander and Becca Butcher, is the first naturally born “Supe” in the world of Amazon’s The Boys. And while fans were rightfully worried that he’d turn out to be a sadistic lunatic like his father, his love for his mother seemed to keep him on the up and up…until it didn’t. The Season 2 finale saw Ryan accidentally kill his Mom while trying to save her from Stormfront. Following the accident, Billy Butcher scooped up Ryan and took him away leaving us to wonder how the young man will be impacted by the incident and what’s next for him. If this set photo from Season 3 is any indication, we can guess that Ryan isn’t going to be in hiding from dear old Dad for too long.

As you can see, Ryan’s abilities are on full display in public near a sign of Homelander. It’s unclear what triggered Ryan’s decision to levitate, but it’ll be sure to capture the attention of Homelander, who was last seen pleasuring himself on the rooftop while overlooking the city. Season 2 went poorly for Homelander and cranking one out while saying “I can do whatever I want” doesn’t seem to indicate he’s in a good place mentally. His fantasies began to merge with reality as the season went on and it won’t be long before he’s totally unhinged. Could Butcher be training Ryan to take on his Dad? Is Ryan the only one who could truly stop Homelander? We can’t wait for Season 3 to get some answers.

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