New ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Set Photos Reveal Thor in Workout Mode

thor love and thunder set photos

It looks like more set photos have found their way online from Thor: Love and Thunder. Marvel Studios’ upcoming film will follow the events of Avengers: Endgame, as Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy out into space. In that film, our favorite God of Thunder had put on some pounds. It made us wonder if he’d keep his physique or slim down again. The first set photos revealed that Chris Hemsworth was back in shape and it seems we might find out how going by the latest set photos.



They feature Hemsworth in full workout gear. The film’s logo already teased the 90s inspirations and it seems they might even give us a complete workout montage as he slims down after the events from the crossover epic. it would be fitting with how director Taika Waititi likes to play with the classic concept of a superhero film. Thor: Ragnarok featured various sequences that caught viewers off-guard that have gotten used to a decade of heroic films and television shows. It also is a fun new look for the Norse god, whose character reinvention made him one of Marvel’s most memorable.

Waititi and his team have been hard at work with the film. Just recently, set photos revealed a secret set for New Asgard that many are theorizing is part of the finale. There is a chance that this workout-version of Thor might be from the film’s ending as well. Currently, we still know very little about the plot outside of the various characters involved. So, it’ll be interesting to see how this story comes together when it releases in May 2022.

Source: Daily Mail

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