New ‘Titans’ Set Photos Offer Closer Look at Teagan Croft’s New Raven Costume

titans season 3 set photos

Titans is currently busy filming its third season which might see a new direction for the franchise. Now that the former DC streaming app remains focused on comics, the series is now part of the HBO Max family. We’ve been excited to see if it’ll also see a shake-up in the show’s format with potentially a higher budget. The first showcases of the cast’s new costumes were a promising start and it looks like some set photos have found their way online that offer a closer look at two of next season’s main cast members. Damaris Lewis is rocking her new outfit as Blackfire, which was revealed around three months ago. Luckily, she is not alone as we also get a closer look at Teagan Croft‘s new Raven costume.

We also got a look at her costume from a distance, which includes Blackfire’s full costume and a tease of Anna Diop‘s Starfire costume.

Now, the show has taken a very different approach with Raven’s outfit but her iconic purple hair and forehead mark remained. They have teased her iconic hood but it seems she ditched that entirely. There is a chance this isn’t her final outfit in the series. Still, it’s great to see Croft‘s evolution as the character throughout the last two seasons and it’ll be interesting to explore how the events of the upcoming third season might shape Raven even more. Here’s hoping we get an official trailer soon to see if they will showcase the new comics in action.

Source: Twitter (Close-up), Twitter (Distance)

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