Newly Leaked ‘She-Hulk’ Promo Offers First Full Look at Comic-Inspired Outfit

she hulk promo

We’ve gotten quite a few looks at the upcoming series She-hulk, which will see Tatiana Maslany take on the role of Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Walters. While we already had a trailer, Marvel and Disney have been quite coy about showing the full design for the character’s comic-inspired design. We did get a glimpse through some promo art, but a new set as shared by @MCU_Facility may have given us our best look yet at what her full design will look like.

It’ll be interesting to see what the design looks like in live-action but there’s an interesting design concept going on here. The visuals are much more flashy and might be used to highlight her home to also add some color instead of just going with a simple lawyer concept. The last version of the logo seemingly jumped into that direction before they shifted gears once again.

With some time before the series releases and we’re anxiously awaiting a second trailer that shows how far the CG has gone since the first reveal. Corridor Digital has recently highlighted the quality of the work done on the character, especially in contrast to how the internet has reacted. So, we’ll see how much legwork the second trailer is going to have to make up for.

Source: Twitter

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