‘Nier Reincarnation’: New English Trailer Released Alongside Western Pre-Registration

nier reincarnation pre-order

Yoko Taro‘s remake of Nier Replicant has finally released, which offers those that missed out on the cult classics release a look at a world long before Nier Automata. He has also been busy working on the mobile addition titled Nier Reincarnation, which follows the story of a Girl in White, who is exploring the realm known only as Cage. Alongside the ghost Mama, she tries to unravel the mysteries of this place and uncovers hidden secrets of the franchise’s history.

To kick off the game’s pre-order on iOS and Android, IGN revealed a new trailer showcasing the game with its English dubbing. While trying to pre-register the game via the iOs App store, it also includes the potential release date. It seems that the game might be available around November, which could change depending on how production is going.



The mobile game includes many core members of the Nier development team, such as producer Yosuke Saito and composer Keiichi Okabe. As we can clearly hear from the latest trailer, Okabe‘s work remains as hypnotic as ever, as we enter a new era of the Nier franchise. It Is crazy to think how far the franchise has come considering it was a spin-off from Drakengard‘s joke ending. There was also the reveal that we can expect a Drakengard 3 event in the game, which will bring in its protagonist Zero. Reincarnation might be the game to tie together the loose threads weaved between the various franchises and unravel how it is all connected.

Source: IGN, YouTube, Siliconera

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